Wednesday Evening Online

These online classes are live-streamed during our in-person Wednesday evening classes.

The video classes remain viewable for seven days afterwards.

Buddhist nun Kelsang Chogma

with our Resident Teacher Kelsang Chogma

Explore Buddhist topics in more depth and learn to meditate effectively with these thought-provoking classes.

These classes are also available to attend in-person.

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How the classes will run

  • Book tickets for a block of classes – it’s important you check that you receive your email confirmation. If you do not receive this please contact us asap.
  • In your confirmation email you will receive a link to the online access page. 
  • Use the same link to either join the live-stream or view on catch-up.

Tickets cost £15 for a block of four classes

The Happiness Toolkit – meditations on the stages of the path to enlightenment, Lamrim

The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, or “Lamrim” in Tibetan, is a sophisticated, practical presentation of Buddhist teachings, which is designed to help us improve and grow in a deliberate and joyful way. Over 1000 years ago the Buddhist sage Atisha consolidated the 84,000 teachings of Buddha into the Lamrim, which are essential meditations, revolutionising the practice of Buddha’s teachings. Since then, Lamrim has flourished throughout the world and it perfectly fits within our modern lifestyle. It is simple, scientific, and incredibly potent.

The Lamrim takes us step-by-step through carefully crafted meditations so we can purposefully nourish the qualities in our mind that lead to our happiness and reduce our painful thoughts and feelings. For example, some of the meditations help us enhance our self-confidence, empathy, or contentment. Others aid us in overcoming distractions, anger, or depression. Overall, by practising these meditations in conjunction with one another we will notice our mind becoming healthier, stronger, and finally more enlightened.

In these classes, we will go one-by-one through the Lamrim, drawing out how we can personally use these meditations and create our own meditation practice. There will be a special emphasis on the art of meditation and how to really make our meditations effective.


The Happiness Toolkit – part two

Sept 29 –  Where Does Happiness Come From? 

Oct 6 – The Magic of the Four Noble Truths

Oct 13 – Awakening Our Spiritual Potential 

Oct 20 – Developing Inner Wisdom