Wednesday Evening Class

Wednesday Evening Meditation Class

In this class we look into various aspects of Buddhist philosophy, psychology and spiritual practice and discover how we can apply Buddhist wisdom to the day to day problems we face in our busy modern lives. Classes consist of two guided meditations and an inspiring talk. There is always time for questions. This class is suitable for everyone but is pitched at a somewhat higher level than the Monday evening and Wednesday morning classes. No special clothing is necessary and people can sit on chairs or meditation cushions.


New Series: The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment

The Stages of the Path, or Lamrim in Tibetan, is a special way of presenting the whole of Buddha’s teachings in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice. After his enlightenment, Buddha spent almost fifty years wandering around northern India, teaching whoever wished to listen. The result was a vast array of instructions addressed to people of all levels of spiritual understanding, but it was not easy to see how they should all be practised. When the great Indian Buddhist master Atisha brought Buddhism to Tibet 1500 years later, he realized the Tibetans needed a more concise and streamlined presentation arranged in the order in which Buddha’s teachings are actually practised.

From the moment we begin to be interested in the spiritual path, our basic motivation gradually changes. Rather than looking for happiness and fulfilment just in external attainments, we come to regard inner qualities as more important. Realizing that all our suffering and dissatisfaction come from our own delusions, particularly ego-grasping, we develop the wish to liberate ourselves from all delusions. Finally we recognize that even if we manage to achieve permanent liberation from delusions and suffering this would not be enough. We are just one person among countless living beings, and every single being matters as much as we do ourselves. This leads us to develop the highest motivation for spiritual practice – the heartfelt wish to become a fully enlightened Buddha to be able to help all living beings. Recognizing this gradual deepening of basic motivation, Atisha arranged all spiritual practices taught by Buddha in three levels: initial scope practises designed to turn our mind in a spiritual direction and ensure that we can continue our spiritual journey life after life; intermediate scope practices aimed at permanent liberation from delusions and suffering; and great scope practices aimed at developing our love, compassion and all the qualities of enlightenment. This sequential ordering of all Buddhist practices is called Lamrim, or the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.

This series of classes will be based on The New Meditation Handbook by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, in which the essential practices of the three scopes are presented in a cycle of twenty-one meditations. Training in this cycle is the foundation of the Kadampa path to enlightenment.

April 10th Kinship with all beings

April 17th Gratitude

April 24th The equality of self and others

May 1st Going beyond our obsession with self

May 8th Cherishing others

May 15th Putting others first

May 22nd NO CLASS. We are attending a special class in Leeds Kadampa Meditation Centre. All welcome to join. Book here.


June 5th Compassion

June 12th Wishing Love

June 19th Taking and Giving

June 26th Bodhichitta

July 3rd Tranquil abiding

July 10th Superior Seeing

July 17th Relying on a Spiritual Guide



Wednesdays 7:30-9.00 p.m


Ganden Buddhist Centre, 5 North Bridge, Halifax  



£6 per class/ £4 concessions. 

Free with all membership cards.

To book in advance (In Person) click here 


Suitable for everyone, though at a slightly higher level than the Monday evening and Wednesday morning class.