Transforming Fear 

Fear is an unpleasant emotion triggered by the threat of danger, pain, or harm, and is closely linked to worry, anxiety and panic. A lot of our ill health is enormously exacerbated, and sometimes even brought on, by fear, anxiety and tension in the mind.
With our world in turmoil, we need to learn how to keep our mind peaceful and calm. If we are peaceful, we are happy. We are also strong, which means we can help others stay strong too. Our fears are directly proportional to how tightly we are grasping. We can all learn to stop grasping and so let go of the fearful thoughts that torment us. When we do so our mind will return to its natural peaceful state.


Saturday 13th of July

10 a.m.– 1 p.m.


Price £10 including refreshments.
Free with all membership levels.
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Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 5 North Bridge, Halifax  HX1 1XH


Suitable for everyone



Kate Faulkner