Todmorden meditation class

Classes consist of guided meditations and a short and practical talk on how to apply Buddhist wisdom to the day to day problems we face in our busy modern lives. There will be time for questions. These classes are suitable for everyone, whether you have meditated before or this is your first time. No special clothing is necessary and most people choose to sit on chairs.

You are welcome to stay afterwards for a cup of tea and a chat.

Seating is on chairs so no need for any special clothing, but feel free to bring a cushion and blanket if you prefer to sit on the floor. Advance booking is not required.


New Series: The Inner power for Happiness

Following our investigation of how our mind works, in this next series we will focus on how we can create our own happiness from within. Normally we think that happiness comes from outside – from good external conditions, relationships, success etc, but these things alone do not have the power to produce happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, and its real source is also in the mind, specifically in the positive or virtuous mental factors. These can be deliberately cultivated, and the more familiar we become with these virtuous, peace and happiness creating states of mind, the deeper and more stable our happiness will be, even when things are not going well externally.

April 8th Respecting self and others
April 15th Conscience
April 22nd Non-attachment
April 29th Non-hatred and compassion
May 13th Faith
May 20th Joyous effort


New Series: The Path of Wisdom & Compassion

In Buddhism wisdom and compassion are often compared to the two wings with which we can fly to Enlightenment. Wisdom enables us to see through the delusions that obstruct our spiritual growth and keep us locked in a painful cycle of confusion and suffering. Compassion – which is based on authentic love for all beings – nourishes the innate goodness in our heart and empowers it to grow into the limitless good qualities of an Enlightened Being. In the four classes in June we will look at Buddha’s wisdom teachings that free us from the traps of ego projection. In July we will focus on developing a heart of limitless love and compassion. 
June 3rd                    The dream-like nature of things
June 10th                   Interdependence
June 17th                    What is the self?
June 24th                   Emptiness and appearance
July 1st                        Learning to cherish others
July 8th                      Going beyond self-obsession
July 15th                      Becoming a friend of the world

Meditation in Todmorden


Mondays 7:30 – 8:45pm


£6 or £4 concessionary rate. 

Free with all membership cards.

To book in advance (In Person) click here 


Fielden Hall, Ewood Lane, Todmorden OL14 7DD



Suitable for everyone


Mike Garside