The Path to True Freedom

The Path to True Freedom

How to free ourselves from the quicksand of confusion and negativity by training in meditation and wisdom, grounded in an ethical way of life. 

Negative and distorted states of mind are the real source of all our problems. All of our problems and suffering stem from our so-called self-grasping ignorance and is a fundamental misconception. The only way to remove this misconception is to realize that the self and world we habitually grasp at do not exist in the way we think they do – in other words, to see through the illusion of our self-centredness. This deep inner “seeing”, that abandoned this habitual self-centredness, is called Higher Wisdom.

Just as a telescope needs to be mounted on a stable stand in order to get a clear view of distant stars, Higher Wisdom needs the firm basis of deep and stable meditative concentration in order to get a clear view of our own true nature. This is called Higher Concentration. The development of Higher Concentration in turn depends on a disciplined and ethical way of life, and an even and emotionally balanced mind. This is called Higher Moral Discipline. 

The subject of this day course is the Three Higher Trainings – Higher Moral Discipline, Higher Concentration and Higher Wisdom. They are called “higher” because they lead to the higher ground of complete liberation from all the suffering of samsara, the painful cycle of confused and ego-centric experience. The course will consist of teachings, guided meditations, and questions & answers.





Saturday 4th June

10am – 5pm


£20 including lunch.
Free with all membership levels.


Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Halifax


Not suitable for complete beginners


Kadam Mike Garside