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These one-off classes are ideal for busy, modern people; giving the opportunity to learn the basics of specific aspects of meditation and Kadampa Buddhism in a single class. You don’t need any experience of meditation or Buddhism to join – just an interest in the topic!

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Why We Meditate on Death

Sat 8th May 10 – 11:15am

with Kelsang Chogma


We are alive, therefore we will die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth of our existence, yet few of us have come to terms with this fact.

If we meditate on death we can develop an awareness and deep acceptance of our own and others’ impermanence that helps us to appreciate and enjoy every moment of our life and the precious time we have with our loved ones.

In this class, Kelsang Chogma will explain how we can use Buddha’s teachings and meditations on death and impermanence to help us live a happy and meaningful life, prepare for our death and future lives, and help others who are dying.

This class will be pre-recorded and will go ‘live’ at 10am on Sat 8th May with catch-up available for 7 days.

Cost £5 (free for Gold Card holders)




Details coming soon…

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