Meditation Urban Retreats

You can do meditation retreats in the town – there’s no need to disappear to a cave! For those interested in deepening their meditation experience, the Centre offers regular one-day urban retreats. Retreats are designed to help us focus exclusively on a particular meditation practice without the normal distractions of everyday life. You are welcome to come to all the sessions or however many you can make.

TO BOOK: Please email

If you haven’t attended a retreat before and/or are new to Kadampa Buddhism, please email and ask for more information and advice before booking.

Cost is £3 per session or £10 per full-day / half-day retreat £7 (unless stated otherwise) Free for Centre Card holders.


Amitayus Retreat

Sun 21 Oct 10am – 5pm with Buddhist nun Kelsang Chogma

Through relying on Buddha Amitayus we can lengthen our own and others’ lifespan, attain the profound wisdom of clear light, and accumulate a vast wealth of merit, or good fortune.

This course follows a half-day course on Sat 21 Oct when we will learn a little about who Buddha Amitayus is.


Refuge: The Gateway to Buddhism

Sun 4 Nov 10am – 5pm with Buddhist nun Kelsang Chogma

Deepen your practice of Buddhist refuge on this one-day retreat following the Refuge Vow Ceremony on Sat 3 Nov.






Vajrasattva Purification Retreat

Sat 15 & Sun 16 Dec 10am – 5pm with Buddhist nun Kelsang Chogma

This simple practice of meditation and recitation of Buddha Vajrasattva is a powerful way to purify all the negative karma we have accumulated in the past. All our suffering and problems come from our negative karma so this practice helps us solve all our problems and develop a deeply peaceful, happy mind.