Meditation Retreats

You can do meditation retreats in the town – there’s no need to disappear to a cave! For those interested in deepening their meditation experience, the Centre offers regular one-day urban retreats. Retreats are designed to help us focus exclusively on a particular meditation practice without the normal distractions of everyday life. You are welcome to come to all the sessions or however many you can make.

TO BOOK: Please email

If you haven’t attended a retreat before and/or are new to Kadampa Buddhism, please email and ask for more information and advice before booking.

Each day retreat has 3 sessions per day. Cost is £3 per session or £7 full day (unless stated otherwise) – Free for Gold Card holders.



Prayers for Long Life & Wisdom

Saturday 22 Feb – unguided retreat

Amitayus is the Buddha of long life, merit and wisdom, so engaging in this retreat can help us to lead a long and productive life. In each session, we will chant beautiful prayers and practice silent mantra recitation and meditations.

Please note: this retreat is unguided. 

Session times:

TO BOOK: Please email