The Magical Power of Blessings

When Venerable Geshe Kelsang describes the power of blessings for bringing about a rapid and profound transformation of consciousness, he says: This is magical!

Blessings is what happens when we learn to commune with an enlightened mind. We can tell that our mind is blessed when we experience it changing swiftly from a negative mind to a positive mind, an unhappy mind to a happy mind, a heavy mind to a light mind. Through blessings we swiftly let go of the deluded minds such as anger and jealousy that produce suffering, and we swiftly gain deep experience of the virtuous, wisdom-based minds, such as love, patience and compassion that give rise to authentic happiness.

We need blessings not simply to be more peaceful and happy in our everyday activities, but to achieve the deep inner transformations that lead to the profound realizations of universal love and the wisdom that realizes emptiness. But we don’t need to simply wait for blessings to happen. Blessings shine from the Buddhas the way warmth and light shine from the sun. And we can learn to access them at any time, especially during meditation.

In this course, Kadam Mike will guide us both to understand and experience the power of blessings and to access them whenever we wish. In particular, he will help us to understand the unique and truly magical blessings of the Wisdom Buddha Je Tsongkhapa, that are the essence of our tradition.


Sunday 10th of November

10 a.m.– 1 p.m.


Price £10 including refreshments.
Free with all membership levels.
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Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 5 North Bridge, Halifax  HX1 1XH


Suitable for everyone


Kadam Mike Garside