Letting Go of Resentment


Resentment can involve an underlying sense of being treated unfairly by another person(s). It may linger in our mind for days, weeks, and even years and if we allow feelings of resentment to grow they can turn into hatred or a desire for revenge.

Resentment can easily obscure your other feelings, such as joy, love, compassion, and happiness, leaving you without any inner peace.

On this course we will look at where our feelings of resentment come from and how to deal with these feelings so that they do not destroy our inner peace and happiness. We will learn how we can let go of resentment in our relationships with others.


Saturday 14th October

10am – 1pm




Free with all membership cards.

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Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 5 North Bridge, Halifax   HX1 1XH



Suitable for everyone – no previous experience or knowledge needed.


Kate Faulkner