The real secret  – that changes everything…

Everything you normally see does not exist… the reality behind appearances.



Buddha’s most profound teaching was on emptiness, the true nature of phenomena. Through understanding this subject and bringing that understanding into our everyday life, we can find a path to achieve everything we’ve always wished for.

On this course you can develop an  insight into the ultimate nature of reality, which is Buddhism is called emptiness. This does not mean that nothing exists, but things do not exist in the solid way we think they do. A deep insight into emptiness leads to an experience of freedom from limitation that allows us to let go of our painful ways of relating to ourselves and the world. An understanding of emptiness is a healing pathway which eventually leads to the complete cessation of suffering. It is a source of joy, creativity and stable happiness that we can all access and harness for our individual and collective benefit. Through meditating on emptiness we can become the person we wish to be, and we open the door to our ultimate potential as a human being.

“There is no greater method for experiencing peace of mind and happiness than to understand and meditate on Emptiness.”

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche


Saturday 18th May

2pm – 5pm



Free with all membership cards.

 No need to book – just turn up


Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 5 North Bridge, Halifax   HX1 1XH


Suitable for everyone except complete beginners








Martin Luff