Habits of Happy People

Habits of Happy People

What do we really need to be happy?

Money, success, status and popularity are no guarantee of happiness, and chasing them is a recipe for disappointment. But, by cultivating simple inner habits of acceptance, contentment, appreciation and joy we can find true happiness in any situation.

Acceptance means to embrace the whole of our present situation, whatever it is. Not just putting up with it, but wholeheartedly welcome it. This doesn’t mean we do not actively take steps to improve our situation, but every step of the way is OK – we enjoy the process and do not need to wait for the future desired result to be happy.

Contentment is quite unusual nowadays. We are always in a rush, wanting more, restlessly seeking new experiences, new people, new things, rarely satisfied with what we have. Human beings have become incredibly demanding, and the strain on the earth is visible for all to see.

Another key to a happy life is the ability to appreciate the countless good things in our life, things that we usually take for granted. A leaf, a drop of water, a smile, the incredible gift of life and awareness, etc. The ability to notice and appreciate every moment brings our world to life.

Joy does not need to be restricted to special situations when things go our way and we get what we want. We can learn to enjoy the challenge of difficult situations, enjoy others’ happiness; quiet joy can become the background of our life.   





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