Gift Vouchers

Give a loved one the gift of inner peace by purchasing a gift voucher for them.

Gift vouchers can be used to book any of our meditation classes and events through our website – perfect for while we’re running everything online!

Vouchers will be emailed to the address that you type in as the recipient so you can choose to send it directly to them or send it to yourself and then print it off and give it to them in a nice card.

Simply use the arrows to select which image you’d like on your voucher, type in the amount you wish to spend and follow the simple instructions to purchase.



To use a gift voucher to book a class or event please follow these steps:

1. Go to and choose which class or event you’d like to book

2.  Click the ‘Book Now’ button which will take you to our Eventbrite account

3. Click the ‘Tickets’ button (if you’re booking a recurring class you’ll need to select the date first and then ‘Tickets’)

4. Click where it says ‘Enter promo code’ at the top left

5. Enter your unique voucher code (this is case sensitive) and click ‘Apply’

6. Check that your voucher has been applied and click ‘Checkout’

7. If you place an order for more than the value of the gift voucher, then you just need to pay the balance as normal during the checkout. If you place an order for less than the value of the gift voucher then you will get the tickets for free, leaving a balance on the gift voucher to be used again later.

8. You’ll be emailed a confirmation of your order.