Friday Night Lectures

7 – 8 pm £5

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An opportunity to explore aspects of spirituality in contemporary society in a thought provoking but light way. There will be a short lecture by one of our teachers, followed by questions and discussion. There will not be any meditation or prayers. Everyone welcome.


Friday 8th March           The mystery of consciousness – with Mike Garside

We all know we are conscious, but what is consciousness? Where does consciousness come from? Is it produced by the brain? Is it present only human beings? Are there different levels of consciousness? Can some aspect of consciousness survive death?  These questions have been asked for thousands of years and many different answers proposed. Nowadays most (but certainly not all) scientists believe that consciousness is somehow produced by the brain and cannot exist without the brain, but what evidence do they have for this belief? Most spiritual traditions, on the other hand, believe that consciousness is substantially different from the brain and body and can therefore survive physical death. Again, is this just a belief or is there any evidence for this view? These questions are too important to ignore, but how can we go beyond mere belief and find out the truth? If we did manage to understand the real nature of consciousness, this might also illuminate what happens after we die.