Foundation Programme

Join this programme to enjoy more in-depth study and practice of the Buddhist path to inner peace and enlightenment.

This special study programme is a great next-step after attending the drop-in classes and it has many benefits: the students are more committed, there’s continuity from class to class, the teachings and meditations are based on a specific book, the class has a structure that promotes a deeper experience of meditation, there’s a group discussion every fourth class, you have more access to the teacher to seek advice and clarify questions, and it’s easy to make friends with other students and enjoy the support of a sangha community.

Book: The New Eight Steps to Happiness
Fridays 7.00pm – 9.00 pm
Teacher: Buddhist nun Kelsang Chogma

Based on the famous Eight Verses of Training the Mind by the great Tibetan Bodhisattva, Langri Tangpa, this inspiring book reveals essential methods for transforming all life’s difficulties into valuable spiritual insights and for developing universal love and compassion, the source of true happiness for both self and others.

The author of the book, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, is the founder and principal Spiritual Guide of our Centre and all Centres of the New Kadampa Tradition. Geshe-la, as we affectionately call him, has introduced a special presention of Buddha’s teachings that we call Modern Buddhism. This way of studying and practising Dharma (Buddha’s teachings) is suitable to our busy modern way of life.

When you study the book The New Eight Steps to Happiness in FP (Foundation Programme) you realise that true happiness is within your reach and not just utopia. By following Geshe-la’s advice in our daily life we can effectively transform our activities into training of the mind. We can gradually make progress towards enlightenment and make our human life truly meaningful.

Cost is £30 per month by standing order – this also entitles you to attend drop-in classes and workshops. FREE TASTER SESSION Foundation Programme (FP) is a structured in-depth study programme of Modern Buddhism designed for people who are interested in having more knowledge and practical experience of meditation and Buddhism in their modern busy lives.
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