Transforming Darkness into Light

There is so much pain and darkness inside ourselves, other people, and the world. What can we do? Often we bury our head in the sand and pretend it’s not there, but when we do look at it it is so easy to become overwhelmed. We need to find a middle way between denial and despair, a way to confront the darkness within and around us with courage, compassion and wisdom. Based on the Mind Training (Lojong) teachings of Buddhism, on this retreat we will learn the powerful meditation practice of Taking and Giving which completely reverses our normal fearful attitude to pain and negativity. We learn to deliberately move towards our own and others’ pain with courage and compassion, and transform it into light and love.

Suitable for everyone


Sunday 21th April

10am – 5pm


£20 including vegetarian lunch

£10 with all membership cards.

Booking (required by 19th April)



Fielden Hall

Ewood Lane


OL14 7DD 


Suitable for everyone 








Mike Garside