Self, No-Self, and the Web of all Things

One of the most important concepts in Buddhism is the idea of no-self, or emptiness. In the middle of all our painful emotions is an exaggerated and distorted sense of self. Buddha taught that this self – which we grasp at all the time –  does not in fact exist. For as long as we continue to hold onto this illusory self we will continue to suffer, but when we see through this illusion our suffering will end for good.  

 This topic of no-self is profound and easy to misunderstand.  Although the self we normally see and grasp at does not exist, this does not mean that we do not exist at all.  In fact we need to develop a strong and confident sense of self. On this course, through teachings, mguided meditation and discussion, we will learn how to begin to let go of the distorted sense of self that is the source of all our problems, while at the same time developing a correct sense of self which enables us both to function in the world and to fulfill our spiritual aims.

Suitable for everyone


Saturday 19th October

10am – 5pm


£20 including vegetarian lunch

£10 with all membership cards.



Calderdale Yoga Centre

Unit 2 Hangingroyd Ln, Hebden Bridge HX7 7DD



Suitable for everyone 








Kadam Mike Garside