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Everyone can learn to meditate and experience the many and varied benefits that a peaceful, controlled mind brings.

Join us in the classes below to find out for yourself!

***Due to the current restrictions and building layout all our events are online. ***


Buddhist nun Kelsang Chogma

Online teachings for local people

Kelsang Chogma is the Resident Teacher for Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Halifax. She has been practising and teaching meditation and modern Buddhism for over twenty years.

Kelsang Chogma was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 2009 by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and serves as a wonderful example of the ordained way of life in the modern world. She is loved for her joyful enthusiasm and gentle skill in guiding meditations. 

Kelsang Chogma’s General Programme classes will continue being offered online. Advance registration is required to attend these classes.

Live-stream classes are offered with replay available for 7 days. 


Wednesday evenings – starting in April

A three-week series of meditation classes teaching how to not only survive hard times, but grow spiritually and emotionally through them.

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Nyungnay Purifying Ritual Practice

Nyungnay is one of our most precious Kadampa dharma jewels and as a centre practice it comes around just once a year – on Buddha’s Enlightenment Day.

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Making Mandala Offerings – Zoom class

A beautiful and creative ritual practice, it is an extraordinary method for generating positive energy and good fortune.

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Sunday In – Movie Quiz!

This month we’ll be holding a Movie Quiz night focusing on Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Dreamworks.

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Day Retreat at Fielden Hall, Todmorden

Clear your mind, reduce your worries and enjoy some silence on this one day retreat in the peaceful setting of Fielden Hall. BOOKING OPENS 1st MAY

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Lay Pratimoksha Vow Ceremony

Moral discipline practice motivated by renunciation; the strong wish to attain personal liberation from contaminated rebirth, samsara.

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Gift Vouchers – now available online!

Give a loved one the gift of inner peace by purchasing a gift voucher that can be used to pay for any of our meditation classes and events through our website.

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Make a Donation – help us benefit others

As a registered charity maintaining our building and all our activities, plus trying to reach and benefit more and more people, is a big venture. Any donations, large or small, would be greatly appreciated. 

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Copyright Notice

The audio prayers used in these teachings are produced, published and copyrighted by Tharpa Publications, and are being used here with Tharpa’s written permission.

If you wish to download the audio or ebooklet prayers for your own use, please visit to purchase a valid copy. All profits are dedicated to the International Temples Project.

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