Medicine Buddha Empowerment 4th February



Meditation for Modern Life


Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Halifax offers meditation classes that are suitable for everyone who is looking to develop inner peace and ways to deal with the complexity of modern day life. We are based in Halifax but offer classes in the surrounding area.

Medicine Buddha Empowerment Sat 4th Feb

Buddha taught that all disease originates in our deluded states of mind, which throw the inner energy of our subtle body out of balance. The Medicine Buddha empowerment connects us with the healing power of all the enlightened beings, bringing our own inner elements into equilibrium and gradually giving us the power to heal others. This empowerment is like a long guided meditation that establishes within us a deep connection with Medicine Buddha, which empowers us to engage in the spiritual practices that will eventually lead us to become Medicine Buddha ourselves.

Cultivating Good Relationships 18th February

Why is it that so often our relationships and interactions with others result in painful emotions? Why does what appears to be a “perfect match” so often end in conflict? Why can’t we live in harmony with our colleagues and friends? The answer to all these questions can be found within Buddha’s teachings on love, desire, and attachment. By learning to distinguish between these very different, but often mixed states of mind, we can establish the foundation for lasting harmonious relationships. Taught by Kate Faulkner

Food For Thought
Friday 27th Jan 24th Feb 24th Mar

End the week with a relaxing guided meditation followed by a delicious three course vegetarian meal in the company of friends. Price: £15 per person Please book in Advance Vegan and gluten free options will be available. If you have any food allergies please let us know by email beforehand (

Weekly Classes

Everyone, regardless of their level of experience or background, can benefit from the classes & courses offered on the General Programme.

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On these half-day or full-day courses we learn about specific practices and aspects of Kadampa Buddhism that help us to solve our daily problems of negative minds and find real, lasting happiness.

Chanted Prayers

Chanted Prayers (or pujas) are a powerful method to connect with the inspiring energy of the enlightened beings. This connection immediately makes our mind peaceful and uplifted, and gives a real boost to our spiritual practice.

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