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Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Halifax offers meditation classes that are suitable for everyone who is looking to develop inner peace and ways to deal with the complexity of modern day life. We are based in Halifax but offer classes in the surrounding area.



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Learn to Meditate in Four Weeks
Every Thursday in June
12:00 - 1:00pm

A simple introduction to meditation for beginners. We will learn simple meditations to calm our mind, let go of stress, and prepare for deeper meditation. In Calderdale Yoga Centre, Hangingroyd Lane No need to book

19th May, 21st July

10.30am to 12pm Come along to our new monthly kids club at Ganden Buddhist Centre, Halifax! Buddhist teachers Johnny Powell and Alison Jones will teach the kids 4 or 5 fun and simple mini-meditations that they can easily recall themselves to help them deal with difficult situations better, and help them understand how and why happiness comes from within

13th of July - Transforming Fear

When we fail to see clearly what is going on in our mind it will just run along automatic unconscious programmes, which easily become negative and create suffering for ourselves and others. But if we understand how our mind works we can bring our mind under control and create the peace and happiness we want. Buddhist psychology describes the functioning of the mind in terms of numerous mental factors, such as feeling, discrimination, intention, attention etc. Through recognizing how these are functioning in our mind, moment by moment, we become able to steer our mind in a a direction conducive to our lasting well-being.

28th of September- How to develop self-worth

Often we feel that we come up short; that we aren’t good enough, wise enough, or capable enough. When these thoughts arise they can feel very solid as if we’re seeing the “real” us: someone who is stuck, incapable of change, and doesn’t measure up. We then get down on ourself, or even lash out at others to compensate. Buddha revealed that when we see ourself as not good enough, we’re under the influence of delusion, a distorted misapprehension of our nature and our potential. By applying Buddha’s wisdom, we can completely dismantle this misperception and come to identify ourself in the correct way: as someone with an extraordinary capacity for change, who finally can bring benefit to the entire world. In this half-day course, we will examine Buddha’s teachings that help us recognize, reduce and finally abandon this distorted perception of ourself so that finally we can become the person we truly wish to be


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